Hi, thanks for stopping by. I'm Matt, a 40 year-old sound engineer, musician, writer and artist.

I've been obsessed with making things since childhood. At school I designed and sold hymn book covers (elaborate Adidas and Nike logos mostly), and later comic books and short stories (the 'naughty' ones were especially popular). By 16 I was making flyers for gigs and starting to play instruments. I began recording friends and my own bands on a variety of lo-fi contraptions before finally getting my hands on a 4-track at 18 and an 8-track at 21. I've been recording and doing live sound ever since, fleshing out my knowledge with a Sound Engineering and Music Business degree and building up my gear. I've been told I'm one of the friendlier engineers, probably because I still very much enjoy doing it.

I began writing professionally at 29, did my post-grad in journalism, and have written for What Hifi, Future Music and Computer Shopper amongst others. I spent a lot of my 30s co-running a charitable arts collective in Deptford, SE London, which meant curating shows, designing flyers, building structures and painting rooms, hanging artwork, copy-editing the website, day-to-day running of the space and negotiating leases with landlords. I also ran my studio from the building and utilised the acoustic properties of these interesting sounding warehouses, factories and shops.

I now live on the Kent Coast, where I have a portable recording rig and a small studio called 'Little Temple', and continue to make flyers for gigs and events, write and edit copy, make little films and music videos, take photographs, record foley sounds and voiceovers, compose music and work on our beautiful tiny house.